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Tina D'Angelo - Dental Hygienist - Hjorth Dental Group

Tina D'Angelo, RDH

Tina D'Angelo, RDH - Dental Hygienist

Inspired by my own wonderful experiences with the hygienist at my family dentist, I decided to pursue a career in dental hygiene. I graduated from Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene in 1982 and have been helping people achieve beautiful, healthy smiles since then. I love making a child’s first dental visit an awesome experience or helping a patient overcome their dental anxiety. The patient’s comfort is so important to me. In 2007, I joined the staff of Hjorth Dental. Dr. Hjorth shares this philosophy. He has created a practice where excellent dental care is provided in a relaxed, stress-free environment. I feel very lucky to be part of such a wonderful, friendly, professional team.
I am also very lucky to have a wonderful family. I live in Peabody with my husband and two children. Between sports, dance and school activities my spare time is limited but I enjoy reading, baking and walking with our dog. I’m also a huge Red Sox fan!

Hjorth Dental Group

6 Essex Center Drive, Unit 210,

Peabody, MA 01960

Phone. 978-531-3010