Whisperjet Microabrasion

In his office, Dr. Hjorth also employs the latest technology in microabration (Whisperjet CP System). Yes, we can do a filling both pain-free and drill-free. We use a very fine powder that is blown at high velocity at the decay and it just disappears. Come in and check it out.

The KCP Cavity Preparation System that is a new system that uses a stream of kinetic particles to prepare teeth for restorations. It efficiently prepares cavity sites, removes enamel, dentin and restorative materials as well as preparing surfaces for bonding. It can normally be used without anesthesia.

The KCP CPS System is a groundbreaking tool that uses compressed air rather than traditional drilling in many cases.

The KCP allows early intervention and conservation of healthy tooth structure. It reduces the need for anesthesia, resulting in greater patient comfort and acceptance of treatment. The reduced need for anesthesia also eliminates the waiting period, enhancing productivity. Prior to the placement of composite fillings, it prepares the tooth for bonding by modifying the tooth surface and reduces or eliminates a number of factors contributing to patient discomfort. This is not possible with conventional instruments requiring anesthesia.

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