Dental Technology

Use the links below to learn more about some of the advanced Dental Technology we use at Hjorth Dental Group.

Kodak Digital Dental Radiographs

Learn about our advanced digital x-ray system.

Straumann Dental Implant System

Learn more about the dental implants that we use in our office.

CEREC Restorations

See how same-day CEREC restorations can quickly restore your smile.

Odyssey Laser Dental Treatment

Our Odyssey Laser is just one of the cutting-edge treatment options we have available in the office.

Whisperjet Microabrasion

We employ the latest technology in microabration (Whisperjet CP System). Yes, we can do a filling both pain-free and drill-free. We use a very fine powder that is blown at high velocity at the decay and it just disappears. Come in and check it out.

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